Although we don’t always think about it, our body language says a great deal about who and how we are as people. Without being fully conscious of it, our personalities are always subtly molding the way we carry and present ourselves.
Some aspects of body language, like our posture or our amount of eye contact tie pretty obviously to certain aspects of our psychology. Others, however, aren’t quite as apparent. One of the more frequently overlooked parts of our body language is the way in which we clench our fists. Believe it or not, this simple characteristic can actually say a great deal about your personality type!
How you clench your fist can actually say a lot about your personality. It’s a part of your body language that’s often overlooked, but it’s very illuminating!
There are three main ways of clenching:
  • Method 1
Fingers wrap around the thumb – If you clench your fists this way, externally you are likely witty and creative, but sensitive to criticism. Internally you are attuned to others feelings and desire to stay within your comfort zone.
  • Method 2
Thumb sits in front of the fingers: This fist style can mean that on the outside you’re charming, sociable, and take on leadership roles. Internally, though, you rely on encouragement from others and worry about failing to meet your own expectations.
  • Method 3
Thumb wraps around the fingers: If you clench your fist this way, to others you appear to be imaginative, curious, and enthusiastic. On the inside, you sometimes feel insecure and worry that people take advantage of your enthusiasm and good cheer.