I know that it may seem unbelievably, but the shape of your face can say a lot about your personality.  It is confirmed by Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of the Wisdom of Your Face. According to her, most people do not have distinct face shapes. Some people could have a mixture of square, round or oval whereas some do have a shape that can clearly be recognized. The shape of your face can reveal your character, interestingly and it is a map of your personality and your whole life. Below is a list of six kinds of face shapes and what they reveal.

  1. Oval Face Shape
This kind of shape is characterized by a wider forehead with a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones. The face tapers down towards the chin, leaving the cheek bones prominently visible. If you have this face shape, you are a person that knows the right things to say in any situation. You are confident, good listener and what another person perceives about you is what really matters to you.
  1. Diamond or Triangle Face Shape
It is wide at the jaw-line and narrow on the forehead. The face seems to be highly angular and somehow bony.
This type of shape means that you want to be in charge. You want to take control of every situation and very often this kind of persons are very successful.
  1. Round Face Shape
This face is characterized by an extensive hairline. The face is widest at the cheeks. The width and length of this face are almost the same
This shape relive that you are fun, generous and kind person. You put the needs of others in the first place, and you always tend to help those who are in needs.
  1. Long Face Shape
This shape is often difficult to define. It seemed to be elongated and stretched from the forehead to the chin. The person who has this kind of face is very emotional, speak his minds easily, intense mood swings and tend to be dramatic.
  1. Square Face Shape
This people have a wider hairline and jaw line. The forehead, jawline and cheekbones are almost of the same width. Square and bony jaw line is a prominent feature. If you have this shape you are sensitive, warm and very creative. You like to observe things around you and build conclusions about them.
  1. Heart Face Shape
This people have a pointy chin. The face usually tapers toward the chin. The forehead tends to be broad and prominent.
This people are independent, they love to make new friends, and are polite and caring. They can cheer people up and make them laugh. If you are one of them, you have affectionate nature and you care a lot about your family.