Did you make a choice? Great! Now let’s switch off from the diversity of trees for a while.

You decided to wander a little bit more around the nursery garden and choose the second tree for your wonderful garden. You may choose the one out of the remained 8. You look attentively at the trees thinking over where would you plant them and finally — here it is! You choose the second tree for your garden.
Now we can find out characteristics of your personality and also reveal the secret side of your soul.
First of all, read the description of the first tree you chose. This description characterizes your self-treatment. The second description reveals secret corners of your soul which you probably don’t know , but other people can clearly see.

1. Cheerful. Free. Carefree.

You live for the moment and enjoy every minute of your life. You hate to be narrowed or chained by circumstances. You adore surprises.

2. Independent. Individual. Direct.

You never look at others and always follow your own path. You clearly imagine what you need. You live on your own ideas and sights, and you never go against your wishes. You have bright artistic skills.

3. Melancholic. Sensitive. Calm.

You love to stay alone with yourself. You can’t stand small and empty talks. You like to analyze yours and others behavior. You are willing to reach the inner harmony.

4. Soft. Kind. Harmonious.

You are an earthling, and that’s why people turn to you. You are very reliable. You value simpleness and straightforwardness. Don’t chase fashion — it is better for you to feel comfortable.

5. Self-confident pragmatist.

You are sure that you can rely only on yourself. You have clear thinking about everyday routine and don’t panic in case of high load at work. You love to finish everything up. You don’t wait for a chance. You know that you must work if you have a wish to reach something.

6. Reasonable. Careful. Peaceful.

It is easy to communicate with you, but you don’t let people get too close to you. You equally like noisy companies and spending time in solitude. You are independent. You are not a lone wolf, but have a need in personal environment.

7. Quick. Self-confident. Analyst.

Your virile mind helps you to catch on any information. You try to surround yourself only with interesting people. You prefer culture. You don’t follow the mass fashion and have chosen your own style.

8. Emotional. Doubting. Romantic.

You live with feelings. You are dreamy. You are not interested in people who accept this world straight and rationally. You like to be in the clouds and to create your own worlds in your head.

9. Active. Sociable. Dynamic.

You like to show initiative in all issues. Usually you take the leading role in your group. You take risks and are notable for particular fearlessness. Suspense thrills your mind, but is at the same time the engine of your own success.
source: wikr