Past Life Healing – We have lived many lives, there was a psychologist called Helen Wambach who hypnotised lots of people, she would regress them to a specific time period then ask them predetermined questions like, what are you wearing, whats that on your face, what gender are you and what she found was fascinating, mind blowing, they were revealing all kinds of things, they were completely different people. This field is growing more and more in psychology but don’t believe what I say you should know it for yourself.

Many ancient cultures, in ancient Egypt they talked about past lives and reincarnation, I believe we are going to keep coming back to planet earth because we have lessons we have to learn. Einstein talked about how energy can’t be destroyed or created, it can only be transferred, mystics talked about how we are multi dimensional beings having a human experience. Souls inhabiting bodies, no one really ever dies, Marcus Aurelius said, what we do now echoes in eternity.

How can this help us become our greatest versions ? I am going to share with you what’s helped me along my journey, I link this into subconscious mind which controls 95% of our daily lives.

5 Past Life Healing Signs

1. The first past life healing sign is your name, what’s your name ? whatever your given name is not really your real name. When you call yourself by your real name that is a gateway to who you were in a past life. Words are bonds, words are vibrations, in ancient cultures they named themselves because when you name yourself, you now give yourself a new definition. When someone names you they give you a definition. So they would call themselves things like, water woman, fire man, rain man, why ? because they were reconnecting back to the elements. Names hold significant meanings in our lives. Whatever you name yourself is the kind of energy that is channelling through you, that is why whatever you call yourself you always end up becoming. So reprogramming the subconscious mind we have to be mindful of what we call ourselves. This shows us and helps us remember who we really are.
2. The second past life healing signs is the area of interest. Why do you have affinity for playing the piano, why do you like waking up and running at 3am in the morning ? What we do in life reveals what we were doing before, because I have seen that time is an illusion, time is not linear, the past, present and future they are all happening simultaneously. So a past life in essence just happened a few moments ago but why do certain people have certain talents and abilities, do they just learn how to do this in this incarnation or did they learn to do this in another life, that is why they are amazing at it. So there are great clues, are you interested in metaphysics ? Architecture, banking, make-up, jewellery, food.. these hold a deep clue into what you were doing before you came here.
3. The third past life healing sign is what I call the level of consciousness, sometimes people say well everyone is asleep they don’t get it and they are probably saying the same thing about you. The level consciousness is where your mindset is, some people they never give up, they have the spirit of a fighter, warrior, where did this come from ? well because in a past life you could have been training, you could have been a gladiator, you could have had to wrestle bears and stuff. You learned all of this somewhere else, that’s why you have this consciousness. Certain times you are seeing the maya, the illusion around you but how come you can see it and other people can’t ? Because you have been places they haven’t and they have been to places you haven’t. So whenever you allow people the freedom to experience their own Reality you get that aha moment. You realize we have all lived many lives and therefore we don’t have to interfere with someone else’s time line, we have to focus on ours and be thankful for it.
4. The forth sign is what I call the strength and weakness’s are unresolved issues and our magnificent strengths. What are you facing right now that is challenging, what undesirable quality do you have about your personality, what unresolved issues do you have coming to the surface, some people say I can’t stand that person but have you ever questioned why. Many times we might have a phobia of spiders, do we ever question why ? So our unresolved issues, maybe you don’t trust someone. Past life’s are a wonderful way to reconnect back to our traumas and heal our selves because once again there is only now, we can fix the past by healing the present moment. Our magnificent strengths are weakness’s, what we really love about our selves didn’t just come from this moment, this incarnation, it came from way back, some people they can let go of resentment, they are not jealous, they are kind and compassionate because through time they have worked on themselves. They have cultivated this magnificent serenity within them selves.
5. The last past life healing sign I have seen along my journey is that people will remind you of your past life, always connect with those who remind you who you are. Because you had this conversation with someone and now they are serving as the catalyst, they are triggering this distant memory and you begin to remember that time in Egypt, India.. you remember being on specific land mass on this planet, in essence you have this familiarity and this familiarity is how you know your past life. Certain times it comes through dreams, nightmares, visions. I love meditating, any kind of deep meditation is going to remind you who you are. Being around supportive friends who don’t judge you, see you in amazing ways with unconditional love that triggers who you were in a past life. Most people talk about the positives about their past lives but Helen Wambach research is fascinating because certain times people were recalling their experiences as being a maid or peasant, we were also so many different things but this is important to know why we behave the way we do and once you connect with that past life experience you have more acceptance of who you are and now you can shape and remould your destiny, become anything you desire. It starts with acceptance, forgiveness and trust.