Which of these 6 images most closely resembles your lips?

There are a lot of parts in our body that can reveal a thing or two about our personalities. And if you read them carefully, you will find that a lot of the things are true for you. Whether a person has blue, or green eyes, whether their fingers are long of short, or if they have a mole on their face and which part of it it takes, reveal a lot about your personality, even some things that you did not pay attention to. Well, now you are going to find something else about your personality just by looking at a certain part of your face. We are talking about your lips. Now you are about to find out what the protrusion of your lips says about you.
1. If you have thin lips, you are a private person, even though people find you very fun. It’s not easy for you to deal with money or do business.
2. If you have thin upper lip and thick lower lip, you are a very friendly, intuitive person that loves eating well and to communicate with other people. However, you may find it difficult to demonstrate your affection. You might prefer to deal with something concrete and stable.
3. If you have thick upper lip and thin lower lip, you are a laconic person with strong emotions who has a hard time dealing with material things.
4. If you have fleshy lips, you are an impulsive and sensual person who is looking for satisfaction and pleasure, both in emotional and rational aspects.
5. If you have retracted lips, you are a person who has difficulty in overcoming your affective and material impulses. However, in case you fall in love, you can give unforgettable proofs of love.
6. If you have balanced lips, you are a person of balanced character, also very patient and a great adviser.

source and courtesy:wikr