Everyone has a spirit animal that is personal to them. Our spirit animals are a source of wisdom, insight, power, and meaning. We tend to grow into them over time and become associated with the different attributes, traits, and meanings which may be attached to them.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, oftentimes our spirit animals reflect our personalities, and vice versa. People usually believe that their spirit animal is exactly whatever their favorite animal is. While that could potentially ring true, it’s often the case that we are much more in tune with some other type of animal that’s easily overlooked. When we’re finally able to connect with the animal within us, we can gain both value and understanding from it.

The easiest way to find out what your spirit animal may be is by consulting what the zodiac and astrology has to say about it. The ancient wisdom contained within each of our zodiac signs came from thousands of years worth of observations and studies conducted by the brightest minds of the times who added their findings to the field of astrology.

Back then people were much more in tune with the connection, balance, and interaction between the world around them and humankind than we are today. That’s why they drew on nature and the heavens above in order to help them answer and understand life’s most enduring questions and mysteries.

It’s with this knowledge that we can use the zodiac signs to draw out what our deeply seated inner animal is! The hard work has been done for you and the animal you reveal below is the culmination of all the traits and characteristics associated with your zodiac sign matched up with the one animal that reflects and equals it the best. Simply scroll down below to find your zodiac sign and click on it to see what your spirit animal is according to your zodiac sign!

Aquarius: Elephant
Pisces:  Deer
Aries:  Cheetah
Taurus:  Squirrel
Gemini:  Peacock
Cancer:  Penguin
Leo:  Wolf
Vigo: Zebra
Libra: Dolphin
Scorpio: Swan
Sagittarius:  Giraffe
Capricorn: Tiger

source : Sun Gazing