1. The Otter (January 20th through February 18th)

Independent and rarely understood by others.  The Otter typically does things differently, meaning that it does things in an unconventional way. With its unconventional and unusual viewpoint, the Otter often is the first one to stop imaginative things.  Most Otters are brave, truthful, supportive, and understating.

2. The Wolf (February 19th through March 20th)

The Wolf has the unique gift to understand people and help them in need. It is one of the most independent of the Native American signs, which kind of contradicts with his/ her ability to love. In terms of nurture, the Wolf is full of love, passion, and willing to give. In some cases,  he/ she can be impractical and obsessive.

3. The Falcon (March 21st through April 19th)

The Falcon has a sharp mind when it comes to making decisions under tense circumstances. This member of the Native American zodiac tends to voice their opinions and viewpoints forcefully, and no other sign is fierier than the Falcon. Sometimes, Falcons can be rude and vain.

4. The Beaver (April 20th through May 20th)

Flexible, easy to adjust to various situations, and a born leader! Having these traits, it`s no wonder that the Beaver easily gets the job done.  This member of the Native American zodiac is stubborn, bright, and sharp thinking.  However, he/ she is compassionate, generous, and loyal under the right circumstances.

5. The Deer (May 21st through June 20th)

The deer represents creativity, inspiration, wit, and sense of humor.  Always willing to have a good conversation, the Deer is a great talker and rarely self-absorbed. The Deer is inclined towards liveliness and nurturing personality, although he/ she can be moody or lazy under some circumstances.

6. The Woodpecker (June 21st through July 21st)

Empathetic, understanding, and extremely supportive. The woodpecker is a great parent, amazing friend, and good business partner, due to his/ her ability to organize things well.  Sometimes, Woodpecker can be prone to anger, possessive, and jealous.

7. The Salmon (July 22nd through August 21st )

Extremely creative, intuitive, focused, and energetic.  Salmons are motivational and confident,  and most people go along with them well. In relationships, they are sensual, calm, giving, and stable, although they might get vulgar under certain circumstances.

8. The Bear (August 22nd  through September 21st)

Pragmatic, generous, and giving, the Bear pairs well with the Owl.  Most Bears are shy, although they give unconditional love when treated well. Under certain circumstances, they can be reserved, lazy, and skeptics.

9. The Raven (September 22nd through October 22nd)

The Raven is energetic and inclined towards charm and entrepreneurship.  Under the wrong circumstances, Ravens can be vindictive and selfish. Otherwise, they are romantic, soft-going, patient, and easy going.

10. The Snake (October 23rd through November 22nd)

The snake is caring sensitive, inspiring, helpful, and extremely humorous. However, in adverse situations, you can see Snakes show violence, despondency, and volatility.

11. The Owl (November 23rd through December 21st )

The Owl is one of the most adaptive signs, friendly, natural, and warm.  Owls are also likely to be careless under certain circumstances, which can naturally be dangerous. It is also worth noting that the Owl can get aggressive in difficult and tense situations.

12. The Goose (December 22nd through January 19th)

Those born under this Native zodiac sign are loyal friends and highly ambitious individuals. They are determined to succeed no matter what, and no external force can stop them due to their preservance and drive.  In difficult situations, the Goose can be obsessive.