Narcissists are people who drain other people’s energy by constantly focusing the flow of the interaction towards them.
They don’t care whether they’ve hurt someone or not, as long as they get what they want.
No matter how choosy you are with the people you surround yourself with, most of the time, a narcissist may manage to sneak its way and make your life difficult.
In fact, most of us come in contact with up to 3 types of narcissists daily!
Before you get carried away by their blatant misdoings, it’s important to know who they are and how you can better manage yourself in dealing with them.

1. The Obvious Narcissist

This type of narcissist carries no self-preservation. They are very vulgar, rude, cruel and blatant in their actions.

Name calling is their favorite game. Because they operate in an obvious manner, it’s easy to avoid them, as nobody tolerates a bully.

They need a constant fix of approval and validation and they get it by making others feel smaller than them. This is because deep inside, they are the ones who feel smaller than everyone else.
If this type of narcissist crosses your way, just walk away. This is straight forward with no hidden issues or agenda.
Get yourself out of their way because you don’t want to make your life difficult by letting someone as mean as them in your reality.

2. The Passive Aggressive Narcissist

A passive aggressive behavior is one that requires much patience in dealing with.
Narcissists who are passive aggressive could act like angels before you. But once you’re not around, they love to tear you apart.
They are so good in their game that almost everybody would believe every word they say.
This type of narcissist might whisper something like, “Ew, you’re fat.” to you just before you enter a room so you will feel less confident. And they will make sure no one else hears it except you.
Once you confront them, they’ll deny your allegations and try to appear as innocent victims. This makes you look like a dramatic liar. Some people might even start doubting themselves.
They are so good in twisting stories that they make your proofs ineffective and incorrect. They have to be good at this because that’s the only thing that feeds their ego.
They seek love and validation from others while trying to use your lack of confidence to fuel theirs.
Other people will only believe your words once they fall victims to this type of narcissist. The best thing you can do is warn your friends, then walk away.

3. The Manipulative Narcissist

The manipulative narcissists are so good at disguises that are almost undetectable. They hurt you in a subtle manner.
They give you compliments when it’s due, but in a sarcastic way. Their insults come in casually and don’t appear to be with an insulting intent, yet deep inside your self-esteem is tearing apart.
The manipulative narcissists are good at operating their game at a subliminal level.
If you want to be sure that someone is playing this game with you, you could have a friend look out for you. Outsiders perceive things with clarity.
Choose a friend whom you can trust and has your best interest at heart. When they point out things to you that you haven’t seen or noticed, heed to their words and consider.
It might be difficult to walk away from a person whose life might have been interwoven with yours. But if it’s the only chance to keep your sanity, then go on and live your best life.
You must be full of courage once you walk away because narcissists love to make their victims appear crazy. They’re good at hiding their cruelty and may make you look like the cruel one who left them despite treating you “nicely.”
But it’s not their stories that matter in your life. It’s yours.
Keep an open mind and be aware of the type of people who may be surrounding you.
Just remember that in dealing with narcissists, walking away is the best thing to do. It’s least stressful and a really good way to show them that you are the one who has complete control over your life and the people you let in.