2017 is nearly ending, but we still have 100+ days left of it. Your life can change in a matter of a day let alone four months. Here’s how the last four months of 2017 will look like for you, based on your Zodiac sign. You never know what big changes may come, so keep on reading.


Are you trying to let go of a person you still love? It seems like it. No matter how much you want to let go, it becomes harder for you. Listen to your heart, not head. Keep your priorities and self-respect in place. Don’t allow anyone to lead you on.


It seems like you’ve been in big confusion lately. So confused that it blinds you on which path to take. But you need to accept confusion, because confusion shouldn’t be scary.
It’s perfectly normal. Follow the uncertain direction, it will lead you to the path you need to be. Maybe the next 4 months will be tough, but you have a big reward waiting for you.


Life has been dynamic for you this year — in a totally good way! Changes in your career, changes in your relationships. You made changes this year to the things you were most comfortable with and was scared to change.
As this year ends, you will have personal development changes and find yourself more.


Someone should give you a medal for surviving this “worst year ever.” But I promise things will get better. I know that it wasn’t a great year, but it can surely end like one.
A lot of positivity is coming for Cancer’s in the fall season going into the winter. Hang in until then! You’ll make it.


Hey Leo, dating sucks, huh? This year you didn’t want to have anything to do with relationships. In fact, you’ve wondered how you survived such repetitive days over and over again without killing someone.
But you know how to handle yourself and beat to your own drum. And a new love is coming for you in the next 4 months.


You’ve been hurt this year, I know. You have a deep wound that’s going to need a lot of time to heal. And every time you think you’ve moved forward, you fall one step behind. Not your best year.
While you might think finding a new love will help you heal this wound, it’s actually not true. Rather, the person who will spend their free time with you and help bounce you back to normal will.


Scorpio, you are always the person that’s the wisest in the group. And it’s true. You have the gift of seeing things through another perspective.
But you’re also a lone wolf. In the next 4 months, you’re going to meet someone different that will love and excite you. Not only that, but they’ll make you take chances and not play if safe. Big adventures await!


You’ve been holding on to an old love for quite some time. You live in a bubble of hope thinking that they’ll “maybe come back.” Even though you still love this person and haven’t spoken in a while, you need to put yourself first.
You deserve someone who won’t leave and hurt you. You may not meet this special someone in the next 4 months, but they will surely come in 2018.


You’ve been lucky this year. While all of your friends struggle to find the right one or try to manage their crazy relationships – you are already in the most amazing relationship.
So, you’re probably questioning yourself will it continue? It depends on you and what you really want. Ask yourself, “Am I ready to spend my entire life with this person?”


The next four months are going to be hard for you. Simply because your past will come and haunt you. Whether its people who you’ve been in relationships with had issues with, they will pay a visit.
These people can’t accept the fact that you’ve grown beyond those issues and only focus on what happened back in the past. My advice is to not allow someone else’s opinion from your past to dictate your present. Who brings up your past is jealous of your future.  


You’ve taken enormous steps and risks this year to succeed in your career, which has paid off for you. While you’ve only focused on your career mostly, be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to your dreams.
On the relationship side — you’ve sacrificed a lot for someone who hasn’t invested even 20% in the relationship. In the next 4 months, your partner either steps up their game or you stop playing. You know your worth, so don’t waste too much time.


You are on a self-development path of letting things go from your past. By letting go, you finally find the love that deserves you, not the one that leads you on and causes you to question your decisions.
Watch out for your enemies, as when they see you happy they’ll try their best to bring you down and make sure to bring back the ghosts from your past.