There is a huge difference between narcissist and empaths, so relationship between the two can be quite troublesome.  Being with an empath feels like heaven for a narcissist, but for an empath, this can be a bad experience leading to emotional anguish.
But if it feels like a hellish experience for them, why are empaths so attracted to narcissists? This is not surprising at all, given that empaths are compassionate, honest, and able to put themselves in other`s shoes.  They often go to huge lengths to help others, even if this means sacrificing themselves. As mentioned above, they are extremely compassionate as well, believing that every human being is good.
On the other hands, narcissists are selfish, so empaths have a difficult time accepting them.  What empaths typically do is convincing themselves that their selfish behavior stems from pain and, usually a trauma in the past.  Narcissists are takers who take everything from a person without feeling guilty at all.
These people take advantage of empathy`s nature, who fail to see the bad intentions and lack of kindness in narcissists.  According to Stephen Johnson, a psychologist, narcissist is someone who has “buried his true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaced it with a highly developed, compensatory false self.”
They strive to make themselves superior and special by bragging and showing off and make you feel inferior through constant criticism and false accusations. Needless to say, they rarely admit their flaws and when challenged, they are likely to deny, blame, and make excuses.
Empaths rarely set boundaries to what is acceptable in a relationship or friendship, so narcissists take advantage of this flaw in their character and take control of their “victim,” who they can manipulate.  Once the empath gets trapped, it can be difficult for them to escape.  Narcissists are great liars, who are masters in the art of deceptions and methods to get what they want.
The psychological abuse is a process that happens gradually, taking a lot of time for the empathy to see what is happening.  The narcissist will act like a victim, so the empath will do everything to help them and sooth their pain without realizing what is going on.
Although opposites are said to be attracted by each other, things will never work out in this case. The victim will eventually become fed up with being blamed for things that aren’t running smoothly.  It could take a long time, but they will eventually walk away from the relationship.
Ending such a relationship is not a defeat, rather a positive step to regain control over their life and the situation that was meant to end up badly. It is of utmost importance to understand that staying in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist will never be good for you, as this form of abuse takes its toll on both your physical and mental health.