An empath is a person who is able to feel the emotions of others intensely even though they may not be going through the same situation. These highly sensitive people have such a strong intuition that they can feel other people channeling their emotions before they are even aware they’re doing that.
At times, they have a hard time keeping themselves removed from emotions. When they’re overcome by a wave of stressful emotions, they might experience depression, panic attacks, chronic fatigue etc. Feeling too much might literally drain them, but they can learn how to center themselves and recharge their batteries.
Even though there are many kinds of empaths in the world, from overly anxious individuals to spiritual healers, all of them have several traits in common.
If you believe you’re an empath, check out these mutual traits of all empaths which they usually keep to themselves. See if you can relate:


Empaths are natural givers, good listeners, and spiritually open people. These nurturers always have a place for others in their hearts. Through good times and bad times, they will be there for you. But, more often than not this means they’re hurting too when others feel emotional pain.

Absorbing Emotions Of Others

These individuals are highly attuned to other people’s emotions, both negative and positive. It’s just natural for them to absorb everything, sometimes to an extreme.


Most empaths tend to be introverted and prefer to have a one-on-one contact with others. They tend to avoid large groups of people. Even those who belong more to the extroverted side, limit the time they spend in a crowd or at a party. This is really overwhelming for them.

Strong Intuition

Empaths are also gifted with a strong sense of intuition that guides them through life. They usually rely on their gut feeling to find the right relationship and stay away from those who will drain their energy. As such, they’re always following their intuition, even if it means acting irrationally.

Alone Time

Since being around people can be mentally exhausting, they will occasionally need some time alone in order to rest and recharge. They want to prevent an emotional overload and absolutely cherish these quiet moments.

Easily Overwhelmed

Spending too much time with others can be difficult for empaths, which is why they may avoid intimate relationships. Deep down they feel like they’re losing their identity. So, in order to feel at ease, they might try to negotiate with their partners and consider what makes them more comfortable.

Targets For Energy Vampires

Unfortunately, an empath’s hypersensitivity makes them very easy targets for energy vampires. These individuals drain an empath’s energy to the point they feel unworthy or unlovable. They especially have to stay away from narcissists who lack empathy and are only concerned with their wellbeing.

Nature Lovers

Highly empathic individuals often find delight in nature. The presence of green wild things or the ocean restores their energy and helps them release their emotional burden.

Highly Tuned Senses

Empaths regularly avoid loud noises and excessive talking because of their highly tuned senses.


These individuals are big-hearted people who can’t stand to watch the pain of others. They always try to relieve the pain of others, whether it’s a homeless person on the street, a hurt child, or distraught friend.
In addition, if you’re an empath, you should learn how to protect yourself by doing the following things:
  • Set firm boundaries to prevent people or situations that can potentially drain your energy.
  • Manage your time wisely and allow yourself some time alone to recharge.
  • Meditate every day to achieve mental clarity, soothe your mind and emotions and connect with yourself.
  • Find time to spend in nature, exercise or relax at the beach as much as you can.
  • Being capable of feeling everything intensely can be both a blessing and a curse. But, that’s the case with every great power.
Just imagine if you had wings and didn’t know how to use them for flying. Your wings would just be an additional part of your body that drags you down. Well, being an empath is exactly like having wings. So, you just need to learn how to use them for flying!
The path of each empath is to feel and connect with other people as well as animals and nature. Therefore, you must learn how to honor your needs and protect this power you’ve been gifted with.