We live in a world where nothing happens by accident, and every single meeting serves a greater purpose.
Interestingly, there is a mysterious phenomenon which occurs during our lives, one that cannot be described or explained scientifically. While saying that there is no such thing as coincidence feels cliché, there is a big truth to these words.
Throughout our life journey, we meet all types of people from various backgrounds and cultures, and each and every one of them serves a different purpose in developing our character. Some people stay with us, affecting our lives to dramatic lengths. On the other hand, others are insignificant, that we rarely even notice them. However, each of these people and the connections they stand for serve a purpose, whether it is positive or painful.

These are the 5 types of Synchronistic Encounters You Will Have with People on your Journey:

1. The ones who awaken us
Most of the people we come across don’t stay around for too long. They only stand by help us remember our dreams and goal, and then they go on their way. These people are sent to us by the Universe, which uses them as means of reminding us on our goals.
2. Those that remind us
At some point of our lives, we meet people who help us not stray off the path. They remind us of our true selves and keep us on the road to happiness and success. Although these people are often present for a short period of time, they leave a tremendous and long-lasting impact.
3. Those who push us to grow
Some people are teachers, teaching us important things and showing us difficult lessons that support our further development.  In other words, these people push us to grow by teaching us things that we might have struggled to learn on our own.
4. Those who hold space
Certain individuals, we come across throughout life are present for such a short period that they seem insignificant. Whether you pass them on the street or run into them on a bus or in a café, these people are the ones who hold space, although you only make small talk to them and nothing more.
5. Those who stay
Ultimately, there are the ones who stay forever! But, only a small percentage of those we come across in our lives actually do stay.  They are rare and quite difficult to find, but they are the most valuable ones.  Whether they are family members or close friends,  these people leave the largest impact on our lives. They help us grow,  lift our spirits when we are down, and push us to do things that we considered impossible.  In order to find these people, you need to be patient! Once you find your special ones, they will stay with you forever.  They are the ones that share the same aspiration, goals, and dreams with you,  and your success is something they really wish for.