Narcissistic people have eyes and thoughts only for themselves. They think that they are the center of the world and everything is always about them. Narcissist tends to believe that they are better than other and more privileged.
It is usually pretty hard to communicate and hang out with this kind of people because they do what works best for them without considering others. They also suck at teamwork. They never listen to others’ opinions, they only care about what they think. It is pointless to argue with them and impossible to change their minds.
The narcissist needs attention like air. They cannot stand being alone or no one paying attention to them. That’s why often drama follows them because they need to keep themselves interesting for others. Of course, they never see any faults in their selves but are eager to criticize and judge others.

So, find out how narcissistic you are according to your Zodiac sign. Here are all the Zodiac signs ranked from most narcissistic to least:

1. LEO

You are very confident and think that you know everything best. You never listen to other people, and it is impossible to work with you. You cannot make compromises as you always think your opinion is the only correct one. You are very selfish and care about what you want only. You do not pay attention to others and how your actions may affect them.


You have two sides. When you are in your positive mindset, you can be the most beautiful person in the world. But when something makes you angry, you forget all the manner. You can be incredibly mean to other people when they manage to disappoint you in some way. You are not very empathic and do not try to understand others; you just care about the result.


You are in between being independent and narcissistic. You know your value and stand up for yourself and others if necessary, which is a good thing. But sometimes you do things just for the fame and popularity or care about material things more than people. It is quite common that you hurt somebody’s feelings or betray a friend. You are excellent till you need the person, when they become unnecessary to you, you just throw them out of your life like trash.


You are so full of yourself, that if you could marry yourself, you would. You do not need anyone in your life, and people do not stick for long. You are a complicated personality, who forget that there are other people as well. You can talk about yourself for hours without even asking how is the other person doing.


You cannot make sacrifices for anyone else. If something is uncomfortable or annoying to you, you just walk away. You will not do anything for others. Even if it might seem so, you actually always have a hidden agenda.


You are precisely between being narcissistic and being empathic. It depends on your mood. You can see other people’s point of views, but you tend not to change your mind and still believe that your idea is the best. It is possible, but hard to work with you. When you are in the right mood, the negative side might not even show.


You do not let anything, nor anyone stands in your way when you want something. Sometimes it means crossing some lines and being harmful to others. Even if you go through with it, you feel bad afterward, which means you have a kind soul. You are great at manipulating people and getting what you want.


Although you are not the worst case of narcissism, you are still an attention whore. You need people to pay a lot of attention to you, and you cannot stand it when someone else is in the spotlight. You also tend to make yourself a victim even in situations where you are the guilty one.


You are a very talented person and manage to get everything you desire. People will help you because you help them as well. You understand the logic behind “you get what you give” so you are not holding back on the giving part. When possible, you try to be there for other people, so they would be there for you when you need them. So although your actions are pure, your thoughts still have hidden agendas.


You like to talk about yourself, and you do not want to hear how others are doing. You can be entirely superficial and prefer shiny things to meaningful events or people. You always do as little as possible, but as much as it would put you in a good light. People can count on you, but you never forget to ask for the favors back they owe you.


You are all about fairness. You treat people the same way they treat you. When someone is acting shady, you are not afraid to confront them and share your opinion. You have an idea about everything, and you like to argue about it with others. This makes you feel smart and even more confident.


You are very selfless and care about everyone around you. Your heart hurts when you see a homeless dog, and you always donate money to the charity. You want to make the world a better place with every day. You are not active at making decisions, so you instead follow a leader.
So here is an honest list of all the Zodiacs and their levels of narcissism. When you are at the top of the list, then remember that karma can be a bitch and you get what you give. Try to live a peaceful life without hurting others (even if you do not care about them). Be the best example of yourself.