Most old souls have difficulties finding true live as they wish for a partner who is genuine, passionate, and honest, all of which are not easy to find. Check out the list below in order to fully understand why old souls struggle to find love:

1. They desire genuine love

Old souls want to know exactly what type of person they love; they are not interested in having to pretend with their partner or the other way around.

2. They want to learn from love in meaningful ways.

Old souls desire knowledge from their loved one, which means that the partner should have above average intelligence. Again, it is not an easy task to find a person who possesses these traits.

3. They don’t want to fix people (even if they are capable of doing so)

These people often attract people who are looking for help. However, old souls know that this is a terrible way to maintain a relationship, so they are not interested in dating a person who needs to be fixed.

4. Old souls are complex individuals

Old souls have intense personalities, probably because they think deeply.  This is why others often misunderstand them or are simply unable to provide them with the love they need.

5. They know that love does not equate to “really liking” someone

Old souls need love that borders on consuming them.  In other words, they want to love a person as they instinctively have no choice in the matter whatsoever.

6. They need a partner who is healthily vulnerable

They need a partner who is willing to risk having their heart broken.

7. Old souls require active commitment

Active commitment must be shown by their partner`s actions, not their words!

8. Old souls require a love which is whole

Old souls look for partners who love themselves as they require a love which is whole.

9. Old souls need soulmates

This entails spiritual companionship and siritualness.

10. They don’t enjoy dating in general

They don’t enjoy dating, probably because the people they have dated so far haven’t been old souls.

11. Old souls have free spirits

Old souls have free spirits and hate being restricted! They love freedom and finding another free spirit is imperative for them.

12. They’ve been wounded deeply before

They have been hurt in the past, so it`s no wonder that they love and fall harder than normal souls.

13. They require so much more than sex

It doesn’t mean that they don’t love sex, but they cannot remain in a relationship only because the sex is enjoyable and nothing more.
Note: Don’t let this list alarm you.  On top of the traits outlined above, an old soul will never stop looking for something until they eventually find it.