It can be very helpful to check in with spirit when it comes to our purpose and path for validation and confirmation. Most of the time we know what our challenges are as well as what and whom is for our highest and best good and or what and or whom is not for our highest and best good. After selecting the card that you resonate most with, read it’s message. You may or may not find the message resonating immediately with you. It may be best to sit with your message for a while before it become more clear to you. 

Take 3 deep breaths and then select one card for your psychic message

1. It’s time to get serious and take charge of the situations that you know are starting to get out of control such as: your finances, your eating habits, your spending habits, your relationships ~ basically any area where your self discipline is waivering. There aren’t any gray areas here. It’s either you are motivated and staying on track or you are not. Be honest with yourself with your focus, motivation, and intention. There isn’t anywhere to hide when it comes to self awareness and responsibility. You will feel lighter and clearer once you get on track with your focus and goals.

2. Spirit’s request of you these days is that you to jump right into group activities and involve yourself with community-like gatherings. As you delve into group consciousness, you are able to share you talents and gifts for the greater good of the collective whole. Your light and wisdom are needed at this time. Don’t wait for the right opportunity to fall into your lap. Get out there, be proactive and assist your fellow brother and sister.

3. Are you ready to take on the last hurdle before you finally make it to the finish line? You already have been through the ringer and have done really well so far however, there is one more task to accomplish. Take a short breather if you must, but be sure to make it short otherwise you may have to start over from the start.  Hang in there my friend, you can see, taste, and feel the rewards and blessings from here.