Everyone reacts differently to the ups and downs of life. These different ways of reacting also depend on the time of year we are born at.
Each sign, in fact, has its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing our weaknesses help us react better in the moment they strike. 


Everyone who is the sign of Aries is very impulsive and often acts out of anger. Once Aries takes off, it is difficult to stop.
That’s because Aries is often insecure and hides behind the bravado. The trick is to keep him busy mentally with something else.


He never manages to be patient and takes refuge in anger.
When injured, he retreats into isolation. His stubbornness leads him into not accepting reconciliation.


Gemini has great strength and analytical mind. However, this can also become a great weakness. They are known to turn the flies into elephants while wasting precious time and energy to do it.
When they are at a critical moment, they use their imagination to escape from reality and to relax.


One of the most emotional signs. They begin to hear their insecurities, ignoring reason and rational thought.
They have a great need for confidence, which leads them to difficulties to bond. When they’re unhappy or depressed, they push away everyone they love.


Very emotional and very proud. These emotions lead them very often to conflicts.
However, the good thing about a sad lion is that they do not remain in this state for a long time.


People born under this sign, become cold and distant when they are shocked.
Be aware as this brings them to get angry quickly and say cruel things to people around them.


People born under the sign of Libra have a dangerous behavior whenever they are sad or upset.
They do not express what worries them and bury the anger deep. When they can no longer bear the pain, end up exploding and have very violent reactions.


Scorpions react very badly in front of mistakes. They find it difficult to accept them.
When facing situations they would not want to live, anger and sadness quickly take over.


They experience very deep feelings and this can make them go into a depression.
This can be fatal for them because they come and do nothing for days. They like being in company, this makes them optimistic.


The Aquarius is one of the most positive signs of the zodiac and happiest, apparently. They bring their pain deeply, therefore, not always people realize their emotional condition.
Their defense mechanism, when they suffer, is to totally disconnect from their daily lives.


People born under this sign, are obsessed with the problems and future possibilities.
They like to relive painful memories in their mind. Perpetually in search of answers and often they succumb to feelings of bitterness and resentment.
source : GOSTICA