Sometimes, a mandala is worth a thousand words. The decisions we make every day are what make us the human beings we are, and how we’re perceived to be by others. Sometimes, even though we swear we’re perfectly nice, a true monster is hidden behind the perception others have of us.

This test will help you determine that hidden soul trait which others see is inconsistent with who you are. Choose one of the following 4 mandalas and find out what it means:

Mandala 1:

Some people perceive you as boring and too weak to assume leadership. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I recommend you rethink the forcefulness of your decisions and the strength conveyed by your actions.

Mandala 2:

Even though you try to stand out, people see you as lazy. The reason for this is likely your constant cheerfulness and difficulty concentrating. If you focus more on your own business, it won’t take long for you to change this perception.

Mandala 3:

Although you’re an emotionally sensitive person, from a distance you seem like a bad-tempered ogre. It’s good that you safeguard your emotions. It’s not good to be overly demonstrative, but you can’t keep everything in.

Mandala 4:

You have a big problem, which is that you fail to recognize the majority of social conventions. Most people perceive you as rude or devoid of manners. However, that’s your biggest advantage… your authenticity.