If you chose #1

As the fake family you are not the most family oriented person. As you can tell by the picture, the mother is keeping the father away from the child. And the father looks like he doesn’t care.
If you picked this picture, you might have grown up without a strong father figure, which is why you tend to help those in need. You are incredibly happy when you make positive changes in people’s lives. Nevertheless, deep inside you don’t know what real family actually is.

If your choice for the fake family is #2

You are very family oriented and psychologically sane. If you look at the image closely you will notice that the woman on the left side is wearing a mini skirt, neglecting her child. And the father is no better actually, since he’s quite unaware of his child too. They’re both putting their needs first.
You are probably a very good-natured person who dreams of a stable and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. That’s why you were immediately able to spot the fake family. You believe marriage and family are very important and should be placed first. You also enjoy taking care of others and putting a lot of effort into creating a happy environment for the people in your life.

If your choice for the fake family was #3

Then you may have a traumatic psychological illness. This image represents the most loving and happy family. It depicts two parents lovingly embracing their child.
You probably come from a dysfunctional family. One of your parents might have been overtly abusive due to alcohol, substance abuse, or untreated mental illness, while the other could have been codependent. In your mind you believe that’s what real family is supposed to look like and that’s why you chose the happiest family as fake.