All of us are well aware of the important role that the 5 senses of our body play to collect information but most of us overlook the importance of our sixth sense i.e. Intuition.

We, as humans, are Divine Beings endowed with six senses to guide us through life -Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

Sonia Choqquette, a global spiritual leader and author of over 19 bestselling books on intuition and personal growth,insists that we should activate the gift of our sixth sense .i.e. Intuition and use it guide us to make most soul satisfying and wholesome decisions.

What does Intuition really mean?

 Yeah using Intuition is great but are you wondering, what does the term “Intuition” really mean?

Well, we looked the definition for you, and here is what we found, Intuition is the ability to acquire representation or knowledge about things, apparently without reasoning or usage of reason in general.

This definition states that it is the ability to acquire knowledge without necessarily using reason or intellect.

And since we are brought up in an intellect driven culture, I can well imagine that you may find it very difficult to believe that it could be a better choice to trust our intuition over reason or intellect.

Reason versus Intuition

So I am presenting a low down on reason v/s intuition here, so that you can see the difference and decide for yourself.

Here we go:

Reason is the primary function of the frontal lobe of the brain, but intuition comes from the heart centre (which is also the first organ to develop in the body) and has the capacity to respond to energy 5000 times stronger than the intellect.

This is because intellect is too tightened up by a lot of filters and conditioning that we have been exposed to in our lives including the culture we are born in, our own ego defenses and the opinions of people around us.

So your intellect can be too colored and conditioned and actually lead you to believe things that aren’t actually true by the power of debate and reasoning.

On the other hand, your heart is an energy centre that is authentic and is not capable of lying.

So, if we really want to listen to our sixth sense or intuition, we have to open up our heart space and listen to its still quiet voice, because the voice of the heart and the voice of our intuition are one and the same thing.

How can we activate and enhance the voice of our Intuition?

So, now that we know that the voice of our intuition can guide us better to live our most authentic and fulfilled life.

What can we do to strengthen the voice of our intuition?

1) Stop being a control freak

The most important prerequisite to listening to your intuition is to step out of the ego mode of being a control freak.

Whenever we are in a control freak mode and trying to control every external situation or person around us, we are basically operating from the fight or flight part of our brain.

Whenever we are in this mode, we perceive everyone and everything around us as a potential threat.

The anxiety laden fight or flight part of our brain completely shuts down our access to the intuitive voice within.

And therefore the most  first and foremost step towards activating and strengthening our   intuition is to calm down a little and let go of our strong and obsessive hold on events and situations around us.

Another spiritual suggestion for remaining calm is to refrain from trying to control everyone around you. The more controlling you are, the more you’ll get lost in ego land and removed from your spirit. ― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

2) Be playful and creative

Another easy way to tap into our intuition is to get out of our head space and move into our heart space by indulging in some playful and creative activities.

Activities like dancing, painting, singing or writing can take us into present moment awareness and heart space.

One difference between spiritual and ego law is that spiritual law is very playful and creative, while ego law is fixed and routine.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

3) Tune in and listen to your vibes

Once you tune in and listen to your vibes, you will notice that your body has a way of communicating to you i.e. in the form of energy and gut instincts .i.e. Intuition speaking.

Whenever you are living your authentic life and doing things in alignment with your core, you’re going to feel relaxed and peaceful.

You will feel light and your energy will feel high and your body will be relatively free from aches and pains.

If you’re on the right track doing what serves your soul, then you’re going to feel good, relaxed, and peaceful. Your heart will beat steadily, your energy will remain high, and you’ll be relatively free from aches, pains, anxiety, or stress.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes