If you have been following esoteric circles, you would have come across the term “Light Workers”.

But what does this term really mean?

A light worker is simply someone who has taken up the project of serving humanity.

Your main motivation in life is to make a difference in some one’s life and to make this world a better place.

Whether you are in a spiritual domain or corporate domain or walking any other path, you are always guided by your motto of service.

Your vibrancy, warmth, selfless service, love, and support for others inspire people wherever you go.

You try to remain true to yourself and remain in alignment and teach others to do the same by your sheer example.

If you resonate with any of these things and feel that you‘re also a lightworker, read on to find out more.

There are twelve types of Lightworkers and all of them have the underlying mission i.e. serving and inspiring humanity.

1) The Grid workers

Grid workers are those lightworkers who work on the grids and gateways of planet Earth.

They are a kind of a spatial Empath who can sense the dark energy of a place when they enter there. They use their loving presence and compassion to transmute these dense and dark energies.

They can also invoke the violet light of Archangel Micheal, which can help them to transmute and clean dark energies.

These light workers deal with grids on GAIA. They actually act as an open doorway that allows the sacred light to enter into the planet through their wide-open hearts.

Gate keeping is a more advanced and evolved form of light work in which a team of lightworkers comes together to open inter dimensional gates that allow more love and light flow into the planet.

While grid workers bring light through already opened gateways, Gatekeepers open new doorways where there were no doorways or open the ones that got closed.

2) The Transmuters

Transmuters are frequency workers whose main work is to keep their frequencies high and transmute negative energies through them.

They transmute negative energies by releasing their light.

Transmuters can also work along with their ancestral lines and transmute the past family karma. They are highly evolved souls who would have purposely chosen to be born into an ancestral line that has plenty of negative karma.

They serve to release, dissolve, heal and help their entire ancestral line’s vibration to go up.

3) The Lightkeepers

The core purpose of light keepers is to embody light. No matter what external circumstances they find themselves in, they always maintain a high vibration frequency and loving presence.

In traumatic and chaotic times, their light shines even brighter to give hope and inspire the entire humanity.

They help and support humanity to evolve.

They could be spiritual teachers, motivational speakers, influencers or any individual who has the power to motivate and uplift people.

4) The Healers

Healers are the lightworkers endowed with unique gifts to heal humanity.

Most of them are empaths and sensitive individuals.

Their most important task is to heal themselves first so that they can hold higher vibration of love and light which automatically heals whoever comes in contact with them.

Also, they need to learn to open up to their intuition so that they can recognize and activate their unique talents and gifts.

They are often endowed with clairvoyance, claircognizance or physic abilities that will get activated when they start opening up to their internal guidance system and work on healing them.

5) The Seers

The Seers are the lightworkers who are clairvoyant in nature.

They have opened their third eye and have psychic abilities to see the future.

They may have trouble connecting with others because they can see different timelines in one go that others can’t access.

But due to their ability, they are powerful manifestors and they have to be extremely careful of where they put their attention.

6) The Divine Blueprint holders

All of us have a divine blueprint which is our template to the fully awakened self.

All lightworkers have this template but the divine blueprint holders are most adept at tuning into their divine blueprint template and retrieving the codes of awakening.

They can use sacred geometry or akashic records to understand the awakening codes. They can be in any field but subconsciously they are aware of the divine blueprint and their actions and speech are used to manifest the divine blueprint on earth.

7) The Astral Travelers

These types of lightworkers can do lucid dreaming and astral travel.

They can have out of body experiences voluntarily and also access Akashic records and discover their purpose and how they can better help humanity to evolve.

They can also engage in dream work to access alternate dimensions or get in flow states to be a conduit of universal creative energy and get ideas for path-breaking innovations.

A lot of inventions in art and technology are brought about by these creative spirits.

8) The Messengers

These are the lightworkers who get guidance from angels, ascension masters or their higher self.

They share these messages with humanity through various mediums like blogging, teaching or writing.

They share their own journey of the awakening process with others to guide them through the evolution process.

9) The Manifestors

These are the lightworkers who are powerful and instant manifestors.

They can use meditation and visualization techniques to manifest positive events for the greater good of humanity.

They have to be careful to keep doing the inner work so that they always work from their heart center and manifest for the highest good and not for their personal gains.

Most of these people don’t even intend on manifesting. They only work on their self and maintain a high vibration to remain in flow states from where manifestation follows automatically.

10) The Way showers

As the name suggests, these are the lightworkers who lead by example.

They walk the talk by living their life in the most authentic way and holding the frequency of love and light.

Other people can learn a lot by simply observing how a way shower conducts his life.

Their authenticity, vulnerability, empathy, and commitment to be their highest possible version inspire other people to strive to reach their highest potential as well.

11) The Unifiers

These are the lightworkers who can find unifying themes in diverse pattern and philosophies. They are the aggregators who find out the best philosophy by taking a leaf from all other philosophies and put it out in a way that is easy for people to understand.

They are great at connecting diverse people and work as mediators with their inclusive working style.

12) The Ascension Guides

Ascension guides are the lightworkers who help people to overcome the pitfalls of the enlightenment process.

They question the stereotypes and urge the people to look at the hidden and esoteric meaning behind things.

They may seem eccentric to people but they are actually the path breakers and visionaries who use their own enlightenment experiences to help and guide others.